Nexus3, new design, Soft Bag
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The neXus 3 walking aid is the next level in mobility. With a cable-free braking system, the neXus 3 ensures cables do not get caught on objects in and around the home. With a state-of-the-art lightweight construction, the neXus 3 has innovated the way we think about rollators. Most rollators fold from front to back, while the neXus 3 folds from side to side, much like a wheelchair. This “X” frame design not only allows it to stand independently when folded, but also ensure that it requires minimal space. With a padded back strap that can flip to allow for two-position seating, the neXus 3 brings mobility to a new stratus.


  • Folds like no other rollator
  • Contoured, cushioned seat
  • Patented Cable-Free Braking System
  • Cable-Free Braking System The neXus is the only true-cable free rollator which not only means that there are no cables that can get caught on objects in and around the home to increase safety, but also ensures years of trouble-free use as cables cannot get loose within the frame itself. With the brakes in a locked position, the user can comfortably rest on our unique material foam seat.

Nexus3, new design, soft bag


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