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The Ossenberg Classic Forearm Crutch with Anatomic Soft Grip and Open Cuff has an adjustable walker 76 cm to 96 inches in height. The crutch is a high quality aluminum walker up to a body weight of 140 kg.
The plastic parts are made ​​of high quality fiberglass reinforced material. The rubber capsule consists of natural rubber with a metal inlay.

• plastic parts are made ​​of high quality plastic
• anatomical Soft Grip 
• special alloy tubes in anodised silver with a diameter of 20 mm
• adjustment 9-fold in the lower part by pressure adjustment knob or clip adjustment
• rubber capsules made ​​of natural rubber with metal insert
• reflectors on the front and back
• tested to 140 kg body weight 


• handle to ground: 76 cm - 96 cm
• base pipe: 17 mm
• midsection pipe: 20 mm
• iron to handle: 23 cm
• armrest diameter: 9,5 cm
• max.load: 140 kg body weight
• weight per pair: 1.2 kg

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  • Monthly Rental Rate: $30.00
    Purchase price from: $99.00

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