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Ossenberg forearm crutches with anatomic handles are designed to meet your needs and your tastes. You have the option to choose from 3 different colors (black, blue, red) and they are made of high-quality aluminum. You can choose an open or closed style of cuff for your forearm.

The plastic parts are made ​​of high quality fiberglass reinforced material. The rubber capsule consists of natural rubber with a metal inlay.

• plastic parts made of high quality plastic in 3 different colors
 special alloy tubes anodized in silver 
• Height adjustments at the base and upper part of clip adjustment
• Rubber capsules made ​​of natural rubber with metal insert
• Reflectors on the front and back
• Tested to 150 kg body weight

German ForeArm Crutches, Anatomic, Closed

  • Item #: 332-CEASF


  • Monthly Rental Rate: $30.00
    Purchase price from: $159.00

Available Options

Open Cuff
Closed Cuff


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