Home healthcare equipment

February 17, 2019
Where can we rent or buy canes and crutches in Vancouver?

Where can we rent or buy canes and crutches in Vancouver?

Canes and crutches are two types of assistive devices available to help you with ambulation, or walking. […]
February 14, 2019
Important home healthcare equipment in Vancouver

Important medical equipment at home

You can use this medical equipment at home to help you or your loved ones who have health issues to move around or be more comfortable and safer.
December 29, 2018
prevent falls in old age

How we help prevent falls in old age?

Families in Vancouver can make quick home modifications to reduce fall risks for elderly people or those with mobility issues, with the help of Advanced Medical’s team...
November 17, 2018
Fall prevention in old ages

Reasons of Elderly Falls

There are some specific reasons for why aging adults fall. Some older people may fall due to their own unique situation and...
November 3, 2018
Home healthcare equipment

Home Healthcare Equipment Services Provided by Advanced Medical (Rental service)

Advanced Medical goes beyond providing basic equipment services, such as with just offering traditional manual wheelchairs and...